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The Benefits of Remote Working

As we move further along in time, the prospect of working from a remote location is becoming more of an attractive proposition for many businesses – large or small. An office space and togetherness are obviously necessary a lot of the time. A firm needs to have each employee in-house for many reasons, but the idea of them working from home or from a more appropriate location has many benefits to it.

As the outbreak of COVID-19 has grown into a worldwide issue, causing companies all over the planet to either say goodbye to in-house work or furlough their staff, remote work has become even more of a popular and necessary method. Nothing is black and white in terms of the perfect working method due to the fact that every company operates differently, but here are a few benefits of staff members working away from your company’s main hub:

No Commuting

While having an office space to work in as a collective unit is obviously ideal, the travel to work in the mornings sometimes isn’t – for many employees, that is. Some staff members in your firm may have to commute from many, many miles away, and it can be quite the trek for them. All it takes is an error or two – that may not even be their fault – along the way, and that’s the start of their day pretty much eliminated. Nobody benefits in this instance. Long commutes can also take their toll on the mental health of an employee.

Without the long-distance travel, an employee can get to work perfectly calmly and on time pretty much every single day.

And As For Work-Related Expenses

Your business’s main goal is to make as much money as possible. Some necessary expenses need to be paid in order to achieve this, and a few could be eliminated with remote work. For instance, the travel angle again: some firms pay extra to cover the mileage of their employees during a commute – there would be no need anymore. If remote work becomes a long-term option for you, then perhaps you could vacate or reduce the office space and cut out unnecessary renting costs.

What It Does For Morale

Working in a new place is interesting for people, initially. When someone is cooped up in the same environment for years, it can feel very boring – that one reason why getting out of the office and engaged in team-building days out are important. Working from home or at an entirely different space can make someone feel refreshed and almost ready to start anew. It feels great.

The Productivity Overall

In terms of productivity overall, many people feel as though they can work without shackles when they are in a remote location. They feel as though nobody is breathing down their neck and that they can get things done while in a comfier area. It’s good to get out of our comfort zone from time to time, but when it comes to being productive, we need to be in the right place. Productivity is also kept flowing smoother in a remote area due to the fact that meetings and other important calls can be in the form of video conferencing. Work can continue while conversations are exclusively on a computer screen or smartphone. Nobody has to stop, and no intervals need to be created.

There Are Some Risks, However

While we’re bringing up the positives, it’s only right that we allow a little balance and mention a few drawbacks of a poorly executed remote working strategy. Firstly, businesses that operate exclusively in-house will have protection from any cyber-attacks. They’ll have software in place and/or managed IT services watching over their systems. This is pretty much eliminated with remote working, and individual devices become more susceptible to danger.

The lack of togetherness could be an issue after a certain amount of time, too. Many people enjoy the company of others and bonding with colleagues every day. Some remote areas can be fairly distracting, also. There are many different ways that being at home could lower an employee’s concentration, and companies need employees to be switched on at all times.

Overall, many companies are able to work remotely and do so with aplomb. If you look at the likes of ourselves here at Little Wolf Studio, you’ll see that we’ve managed to carve out a tremendous business, working almost exclusively from remote locations. We also have assisted many businesses in transitioning to a remote style of working, so we’ve also seen how smooth things can be elsewhere. As mentioned previously, if working remotely would suit your business' goals and the overall style, then it’s something that is worth exploring.