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Little Wolf Studio

About Us

Daniel SuttonDaniel Sutton

We're a small family business start-up based in Surrey, UK. We love two things, good design and solving challenging problems. We have a varied background ranging from architectural design, fine-art photography to designing software for molecular simulations on super-computers. We want to share our experience with small businesses.

Our motivation is simple. Small business owners are busy, and the technological world is volatile. We want to deliver the benefits of the latest innovations to small businesses enabling growth and maximising productivity. Small businesses are the future of the UK economy, and we believe technology can provide the edge they need to remain competitive.

We optimise small businesses, maximising their productivity through the latest innovations. We're pragmatic and realistic, only offering solutions where is a significant benefit. Growth doesn't mean having to hire more people; it may be through the automation of existing processes or providing a new  perspective on products and services you already have.