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A Bespoke Photography Website

Daniel SuttonDaniel Sutton

We were approached by Paul Clifton Photography to improve their existing WordPress site. Early on we suggested a re-implementation of their website using GatsbyJS and DatoCMS, intending to create something that gives his images the performance they deserve.

From a design perspective, the task was simple: we migrated the style over and included minor changes as requested.

There were some interesting challenges around how to display images effectively, without having our client put each image through photoshop for their site. The first challenge was around cropping images appropriately for different style devices. The problem is that when an image displays in a shape that isn't the same shape as the original image, then it gets cropped. Consequently, the focal point of each image may no longer appear on the page. We knew we could do better, and did. We wrote a custom plugin for the CMS allowing our client to select a focal point. This plugin allowed us to crop each image smartly if necessary.

Another exciting challenge was around creating an infinite scroll effect for a static website, without loading all of the items in advance. I'll cover how we achieved this in a separate article.

The result, to borrow GatsbyJS's tagline, is a blazing-fast website that does the photography proud.

If you have a website that's image heavy and you want your visitors to have the best possible experience you can get in touch with us at

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